Dr. Ujjwala Dorlikar

The "Smile" Provider

Dr. Ujjwala Dorlikar, fondly known to her patients as "Dr. D",  graduated with honors from the prestigious School of Dentistry at University of Southern California at Los Angeles, CA (USC LA), one of the best Dental Schools in the country, where she was in the Dean's List. 

In dental school, she thoroughly enjoyed seeing what a huge difference her skills could make for people's overall oral health, their smile and appearance. 

Dr. Dorlikar brings more than 10 years of experience excelling in General and Cosmetic Dentistry.  

Dr. Dorlikar lives in the Evergreen area of San Jose and looks forward to contributing to make the community health and happy !

The Best Part About Being a Dentist

The impact of making a difference on her patients’ overall health is something that Dr. Dorlikar finds highly rewarding. 

She says the best part about being a family dentist is the opportunity it gives her to meet different people each day. Patient care is the number one priority for Dr. Dorlikar. She loves to smile and wants others to have a great smile. "This was a big reason why,” she says. 

She continues to stay updated through various continuing education courses to provide the highest quality of care to her patients and continue to further her professional education.

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